Sunday, January 23, 2005

National Treasure

have y'all seen National Treasure ? it's really good. i probably like Napoleon Dyamite better... mabye...i don't know... give me your opinion.

yes my darling peach (haha), i saw that movie today. i enjoyed it tremendously, and i think i like them equally.
I haven't seen that one...what's it about? and how could it possibly be as good as Napoleon?
~rich, its a really good movie. really intense. i was sitting on the edge of my seat hafe the time. it was really funny too. not as funny as ND, but funny. you should see it
I'll have to check it out...let me know which half of the movie was the good one (when you were on the edge of your seat...)
we're making fun of smk since she doesn't have a blog either! i'm calling her schmenke!!!
you're calling her what?? so confused...
yeah, where is schmenke anyway? last I heard from her, she was using the code name 'anonymous'...
sh - men - kee spoken in a devious way!
hey y'all, smk :) made a blog!!!! check out korndogs have more fun!!!
we're there!

hopefully piggy's promise will be back up soon too...
yeah, it won't let me see piggys promise... i'm just wondering...
i think piggy made way too many promises...
UDave deleted piggy's promise...
the piggy is back....check it out.

(I got another FIRST there!)
do you think it might be time for a new post? it just might be...?
Schemeke has kidnapped wolfpackgirl. Please return her unharmed. We will cooperate with some of your demands. We just request that you return wolfpackgirl unharmed.
what happened?? how could we have let smk take dear, dear, katie!?? we have to form some plan of attack! some plan of rescue!! we must do something soon!
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