Monday, January 10, 2005

Napoleon Dynamite

if y'all haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite, u should, it's sssssoooo funny!!!!!! u should c it.

yo, what's it about?? you should post your review of it...I heard some other folks say that it's good too...
i haven't seen it yet, but i'm gonna see it on Sunday. i've heard its verrrryyy funny.
it is totally funny!!! rich, it's about a nerdy teenager & his weird life!
I hope it doesn't remind you of anyone you know!
I LOVE NAPOLEON DYNAMITE! that movie is hilarious! wow..ok yeah.
addie, if you love ND, why don't you marry him? HA!
ewww...i meant the movie! haha
that would be very scary if u did, addie! hahaha! :)
i think addie is more a pedro type of girl...:)
I just watched ND yesterday...ha!
anyone want to play me in tetherball?
pedro? probably not!

"it's like the worst video ever" -ND
"Napoleon, like anyone could even know that."-Kip
"hey, man, give me some of your tots!"

"uhhhh, get your own tots!"

(has to be one of the funniest movies ever!)
too bad kip found LaFawnda or else i'd say he'd be good for addie!
LA FONDAH!!! she was SO funny!!!! "how was your day at school?" the worse day of my life what do you think!!!?"


"are you drinking 1% because you think your fat? cause your not. you could be drinking whole if you wanted"

and after the guy beats him up he kicks the air!! HA!!
i think the funniest part is when he dances for the school!! HAHA!! thats the FUNNIEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN!!
hmm...I like it when he asks for one of the buttons that says "vote for summer" then chucks it down the hall and runs off...or did the button say "vote for emma?" I don't remember...
vote for emma!! hahaha..
yeah, it must've said emma... or ruth and marc...
yeah, where is Mr. Marcemmaruth? how about Mrs. Ruthemmamarc?

hey wolfpackgirl...when are you gonna make another post? or are you trying to set the record for most comments on one post?
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