Friday, January 07, 2005

Hello World!

hey richard & jenny!!!! we r praying for y'all in iraq!!

yeah! I made the first comment!

I like your blog, except for one thing...BEEF ALWAYS WINS!
yeah, i'm not too crazy about ham... i would have to agree with rich!
yes i would agree. i like chicken though.. beef is good too
I LOVE ham!!! And U are A HAM!!! That means I LOVE YOU!!!
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i like ham too!!!! & beef DOESN'T ALWAYS WIN!!!
katie, your a peach! i love you!!
um......thanks!! i guess...a peach?? wow.
a peach is good. its like being a duck. both are very good. and means that you are awesome. i think... hehe...anyway, i hope you short kornegays are doing good!! ttyl (talk to you later)

SHORT?????? our john is taller than all of y'all, so that means Y'ALL r the short Kornegays!!!
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